Website Design for a publishing company in Macclesfield

Website Design for a publishing company in Macclesfield

My client had an existing Website Design that was built a few years ago and had become outdated. Straight away from looking at the old website design I could see that it wasn't a responsive website - this means it didn't re-size when viewed on different devices; e.g. mobile phones and tablets.

This Website Design brief was an enjoyable challenge.

I don't have to tell you how much mobile phones have taken over our world. So having a website that re-sizes for mobiles has to be a priority.

My preferred choice for building websites is to use WordPress.

Many companies have a website, but it doesn't really help their business -  (it's a glorified online brochure.)

They may have paid thousands of pounds for a nice looking Website Design. But they struggle with updating it, and often they have to pay someone every time they want to make a change.

With this particular Website Design, the above was certainly the case, they were happy with the design and structure of their old site however any small changes required a website coder and the response time was slow. The client had the ability to publish articles through a complicated custom management system and wanted to retain that feature along with some other specific requests.

WordPress is a great tool for building websites

This is where WordPress comes in as a great tool for building websites at a low cost and with the thousands of plug-ins and different themes available I was able to build a website that answered their brief and a lot more.

Following the completion of the site I helped the employees get to grips with the new system and continue to provide support should any problems arise.

The advantages of a WordPress Website Design means they can quickly customise the look of the site, and extend its functionality without knowing how to program.

If you would like to discuss having your old Website Design updated or need a website Design from scratch please contact me to discuss.

My clients new website can be seen here Tomorrows Contract Floors Magazine 


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