Packaging Design – It does what it says on the Box!

Packaging Design – It does what it says on the Box!

Packaging Design - theres a lot more to Packaging Design than you may Imagine. In a brand led world products are constantly fighting for attention on the shelves, the competition can be huge and particularly if your product isn't backed up by TV and Online Advertising.

• So what do you do? • How can you stand out?

My solution here was to keep it simple, a less is more approach - quite often in Packaging Design there are too many product attributes fighting for space on a pack, and most of the competitors products offer the same features. So potential customers will dilly dally looking at the different features and comparing notes as to which product to buy.

Often a customer knows what they want, because they've seen it in an advert. However once they enter a retail environment - this is where good Packaging Design comes into play.

In this instance you could call it Promotional packaging Design or value-added Packaging Design. Or in another way - I said what the product did on the box, simple bold Typography that stands out in comparison to the competition and reminds customers what they came to the shop to buy - a product that solved a problem.

If you are looking for a quote or would like to discuss your packaging design with a specialist - with over 30 years experience, having designed packaging for the Coop Group, Iceland Foods, Pulse Home Products and Marks & Spencer to name just a few of the large businesses I've designed packaging for - you can be assured I know my stuff. Contact me for a brief chat.

Packaging Design Mock-ups

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