Getting all urban in Manchester

Getting all urban in Manchester

Commercial property brochure design concepts

As a freelance graphic designer I am quite often asked to come up with ideas for front covers, not the whole brochure design - just the front cover design. Sometimes clients like to see what they could produce should a graphic designer add his touch of magic dust to a design brief which is quite often what is required.

In this case a commercial property company in Macclesfield asked me to produce some ideas for a proposed brochure or booklet to advertise a development in Manchester City Centre. The building in particular was one of the old cotton warehouses now turned into modern offices.

I always research my subject when asked to design brochures and front cover designs its that first impression counts thing I suppose. So part of the job involved a trip into Manchester armed with a camera and notebook. Take a few photographs and have a mooch around looking at other buildings and collecting as many property brochures as I can from any building advertising office space. My first impressions from most of the brochures was they were "home made" and lacked a bit of design thinking.

Take a look at one of my front cover design solutions below, certainly more dynamic than a picture of an office building taken by an estate agent.

If you are looking for a freelance graphic designer to add some magic dust into your commercial property brochures drop me a line with a few details here.

Hanover House Commercial property brochure design

commercial property brochure design
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