Room Service, a brochure advertising Interior Design

Room Service, a brochure advertising Interior Design

This Brochure Design was created as an in-store hand out to advertise the Interior Design Services of a well known interior company Arighi Bianchi in Macclesfield Cheshire.

The brochure was titled 'Room Service' the Brochure Design used a range of existing photographs. I used a clever folding technique on the middle pages so the central image overlapped other pages to show either a wall covering or a draped piece of fabric like a curtain.

The middle pages could also be opened up to show the range of Interior Design services on offer by Arighi Bianchi.

Four Page Brochure Design

Using these simple folding techniques added a nice quirky feel to a simple four page brochure design. This made it seem like more than four pages and meant I could use a few more images to show the scope of the Interior Design Service on offer.

From a cost point of view a four page Brochure Design is fairly inexpensive to print, a matt finish to the paper also added a quality feel.

Brochure Design can take on many different print and folding techniques to add a bit of difference to your company offering and make it stand out from your competitors.

Often a brochure design with "a bit of difference" will be kept by a prospective customer because it holds a perceived value when compared to other printed brochures.

Good product images, professional photography and well written copy add to the mix when designing brochures. Contact me to discuss your thoughts on creating a brochure design for your business services or product range.

Use a professional Graphic Designer

Using a Professional Graphic Designer can add a lot more to your business than "just getting a brochure printed" Theres a lot of print companies offering design services so who do you choose?

As a trained Graphic Designer in visual communication and 30 years experience, with 20 years of that time working for some of the uk's largest Advertising Agencies like McCann's and Publicis - I bring that experience to all my design work.

Once a design job is created and my client is happy I will then choose the right printer for the job, this also includes choosing the right type of paper and print finish.

Using a Professional guarantees a quality job every time.





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