Property Brochure Design – Macclesfield

Property Brochure Design – Macclesfield

This was a fantastic job to design but it also required some creative thinking as at the time of the design brief the building was in a state of renovation and re-build - it was impossible to photograph what was a building site.

Well, that shouldn't be a problem I thought... as I had already completed some Property Brochure Designs for the same company - I went through my photography files and found some relevant images to help me put together a brochure that would convey the best features of this new contemporary office space, a few illustrations, some photoshop editing and some clean typography to finish completed the job. 

As a designer I'm often asked to create something from basically nothing ! Just one of my other skillsets used when it comes to creative thinking and getting round problems with a positive solution and a good design. 


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